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Princeton University is one of the most "artistically planned" universities.

Princeton University, one of the oldest universities in the United States, has been the subject of numerous aspects of popular culture. It organizes exhibitions and also supports and encourages students, who value and create art.

Also The Princeton University Art Museum (PUAM) is the Princeton University gallery of art, located in Princeton. The Princeton University Art Museum dedicates itself to supporting and enhancing the University's goals of teaching, research, and service in fields of art and culture, as well as to serving regional communities and visitors from around the world.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs emphasize learning, creativity, innovation and collaboration.

Areas of study:

The Princeton University Art Museum and Princeton University  school of Architecture offers a variety of art-making experiences that can be enjoyed from anywhere.

There are more than 300 student-run organizations across campus that range from a cappella groups to Model Congress. While some groups are deeply rooted in traditions created over a century ago, the University encourages students to create new groups that fit their interests and hobbies.

After earning their stories on campus, Princeton’s alumni make their marks on the world.

Among the graduates of our university there are outstanding artist, such as:

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